BATTERY STORAGE - the definitive guide for commercial and industrial applications
Comparing economics, suppliers and technology
Who is this guide for?
  • Commercial and industrial companies who want to make significant savings in energy costs
  • Consultants, project developers and electrical installation companies
  • Municipalities and housing industry
  • Energy supply companies and public utilities
  • Manufacturers, integrators and distributors of battery storage systems 
What will you find in the guide BATTERY STORAGE - the definitive guide for commercial and industrial applications?
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How does this guide help you?
  • Choosing the right application
  • Choosing the right solution for your application
  • Choosing the right supplier or cooperation partner
  • Identifying suitable funding programs
  • Positioning your company or products
  • In other words: more than a just a market and supplier overview!


More than 40 providers of battery storage solutions and components

More than 10 application examples and options in industry and commerce

5 business and revenue models


1. Introduction and background
2. Battery storage in commerce and industry - introduction, market, promotion
3. Description and evaluation of use cases
4. Description and evaluation of business and revenue models
5. Provider and value chain of available solutions
6. Comparison of companies and products
7.Detailed provider / company profiles

Digital PDF download with 150+ pages, including 40+ company profiles
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"Working with Dietmar and his team is always a pleasure! During the many years that I have been in the PV business, I have not met many experts who have such extensive and detailed expertise in the field of PV and storage. We look forward to working with Denersol and look forward to many more years together ".

Jarno Wagner (General Manager DACH, Enphase Energy EMEA)

"We have consulted Denersol for a larger and complex project and we were extremely satisfied with the service provided in terms of quality, speed and price-performance ratio. We recommend Denersol very much and we may work again with them ".

Uwe Lebelt (CTO, Auxolar GmbH)

"Dietmar Geckeler always enriches the offer of the DGS Akademie Franken with excellent seminars. With carefully researched and clearly structured content presented eloquently, he enables our participants to gain maximum knowledge. We appreciate the quality of his presentations!"

Stefan Seufert (Leiter DGS Solarakademie)

"It has been a real asset for my team to work closely with Denersol on a specific storage product development for Africa.  It gave us the opportunity to rapidly establish high level expert discussions with a wide set of manufacturers and achieve our goals in time.".

Vincent Combaret (Renewables & Power / Solarisation Engineering Manager)

"As part of a strategic project, we made use of Denersol's expertise. His expert knowledge was definitely a clear enrichment for our company!"

Martin Campestrini (Corporate Development Manager)

"Dietmar Geckeler is characterized by working with passion on challenges until they are solved. The rarely found combination of engineering expertise and product / business strategy experience is paired with stringent project management. With his technical expertise in solar PV , Battery storage, hydrogen and fuel cell technology, it brings real added value to every project ”.

Sven-Erik Kratz (Geschäftsführer
SEK Consulting)

About the author:

Dietmar Geckeler
Owner and managing director denersol

Active in the energy storage sector for renewable energies for over 15 years. I'm burning for our goal: An energy system based on 100% renewable energies and complete climate neutrality by 2035 at the latest.

Core expertise in energy storage, solar photovoltaics and charging infrastructure for electromobility.

With my team, we advise, design, plan and support energy supply projects and new business models with solar photovoltaics, energy storage systems and electromobile charging infrastructure.

Frequently asked questions
In what format do I receive the guide?
The guide is a digital product and is available for download in PDF format. There is no printed version.
Why is the guide not available in printed form?
Firstly, we work paperless as a matter of principle and for environmental reasons. Secondly, customer surveys have shown that specialist literature and specialist publications are now predominantly desired and consumed in digital form. Thirdly, we can use it to provide you with a future update, if necessary, in a barrier-free form and more efficiently for everyone involved. This saves effort for everyone and leads to a higher implementation speed, as well as protects the environment.
When will I obtain the guide?
You will receive the guide "Battery storage - the definitive guide for commercial and industrial applications" automatically and immediately after ordering and receipt of payment.
How can I pay? Is also an installment payment possible?
All conceivable payment methods are possible. Even an installment payment with 3 monthly installments is possible. Please simply select accordingly during the payment process on the website of our payment provider.
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